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Its been a while since I posted here on LJ. (Wow, 3 years....)

Anyway, many things happen on me ever since the Last post here (which is the Aftermath of Typhoon Ketsana (Typhoon Ondoy here in the Phil.)) 

TLDR, (in no particular order) 
  • Still, no Significant other since birth (although I was about to make my move when I found out she's in a relationship)
  • Worked in the BPO industry for more or less 8 months and experience the life of a Customer Service Representative for a Mobile service provider in a country in N. America
  • Saved up money and got my own Laptop (YAY~!) and PSP (its gone. Its stolen from me by some stranger)
  • Helped organized the Philippines' biggest and must see cosplay eccentric event.
  • My home in Pasig/Cainta got flooded again thanks to the monsoon rains and my Utada Hikaru CD/DVD Collection got drenched in flood water.
  • got to travel outside of Luzon via a plane ride (which is a first to me)
  • new friends inside and outside the cosplay community
  • made few enemies (although I tried not to make one)
  • Officialy Cosplayed once (Kain Fuery of Full Metal Alchemist Series)
  • And, (the biggest life changer that I did) musterd up a lot of courage to tell the truth about the biggest lie I ever made to my parents (and I am willing to spill it all to anyone who wishes to know)
With all of these experiences and more, What's in it for the future?

Thinking about it, I really have specific goal in the future other than taking a short course in any school next year, getting a new job and be independent from my parents. Hey, I'm turning 29 in few months and I am still living in my parent's house and I dont have a decent job. In terms of having a romantic episode in my life, I guess I can still wait for it. 

Also, as you can see, I'm not active anymore in LJ since my life is reflected in Plurk (To those who dont know about it, Its like Twitter but its more organize in terms of the post and replies) You can visit my plurk page here. Alternatively, All of my plurk posts are crossposted in twitter

as always, That's it. For now.
(Forgive me for my bad Grammar :P)
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Almost a month ago, our house in Cainta, Rizal started a renovation to fix a wall in the right side of our house. The owners of the lot beside us are pressuring us to fix it and said that building of the house will start by the end of the year. The reason is that the wall we built was overstepped few inches outside our lot.

September 25 (Friday)

The walls are down and the foundations to the new wall is almost finished. The work cut short since the rain poured. My dad and I were the only people in our house and later was joined by my sister since she came back from work.

September 26 (Saturday)

My Sister and I woke up around 9am. The rain still pouring outside and we were surprised that flood water started to enter our room. We somewhat panicked and started to move our belongings to a higher area. By the end of the day, the water has entered the whole house and now almost waist high deep.

September 27 (Sunday)

My Dad decided that my sister and I must leave the place and go to Sta. Cruz, Manila while he stays hoping that the water levels are going down. My sister and I packed some of our things and frozen foods that we need to bring. (I ended up bringing my backpack with 3 days worth of clothes and the laptop of my sister.) We left our place around past 9 AM. We reached One Mercedes Plaza (located at Mercedes Ave corner Market Ave in Pasig) around quarter to 12 NN on foot since the area is not passable by any vehicles.
We reached Sta. Cruz, Manila around 2PM.

Later (September 29), some of my mom's employees and I will return to Cainta to get some important things that are left. I will post another entry as soon as I return.

A short Tech Review.

Oh hey, Its been a while since I write in my blog. The last post wasn't even a legitimate post but a birthday greeting to my mom and I forgot to post my birthday greeting to my brother days after that.

Speaking of my brother, He's back in Manila from a four month trip to South Korea as a exchange student at Seoul National University. And as usual, he has some gifts from his trip there which is the point of my blog post.

I am here to give you my thoughts on my latest baby. Its the H004 Headphones by Mix-Style.

  • Type: Closed
  • Driver: 40mm
  • Sensibility: 99dB
  • Frequency Response: 500 ~ 20000Hz
  • Power Handling Capacity: 0.2W
  • Impendance: 32Ω
  • Mass: Approx.: 160g
  • Cord Length: 50cm
  • Includes an 150cm Extension Cord.

The first thing that came to my mind when I saw this cutie is the Izumi Konata of Lucky Star because of the cover of one of their remixed albums. One in particular is the Remix of the opening theme of the Series.

Anyway, Back to the review. The packaging is quite good with matching colors. The Pack includes the headphones, an extension cord and the warranty card which I don't bother sending it to Japan for warranty purposes. The design of the headphones are simple yet cute. By the way, there are 12 designs to choose from. You can view it at its official website at mix-style-headphones.com. Sound quality is pretty good for a headphones like this. I tested it with my NDS, serabii's Ipod and my PC here in Pasig and its sound off pretty nice. My concerns on this product is that the wires that connects to the headphones are thin and can easily detach and make it worthless and the other is the pricetag. A set of these cuties cost around $50-60 (around Php.2000 to Php. 2500) and can be bought in Japan / Korea or Online. Despite the thin wires and its cost, its a good buy for me.

short and quick post

a quick update.......

Happy Birthday to Mrs Elvira Sison Castro-Guzman.

I Love you Mom~!

Meme time

result image
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
By H_Recca

Nation's name: Lietuvos Respublilka (Republic of Lithuania. Poland calls him "リト," which is "Liet.")
Capital: Vilnius
Language: Lithuanian
Birthday (Independence from Soviet Union): February 16th
National flower: Rue (personal note: its flower language is "regret")
Human name: Toris Laurinaitis
Height: Unknown
Age: 19 (appearance. The nation will celebrate the millennium in 2009)
-Exists as the eldest brother of the three Baltic states,
-Used to be a member of the Teutonic Knights, but established independence as the Kingdom of Lithuania after a rebellion against Christianity
-But was often pursued by German knights hoping to convert them into Christianity. (Note: Lithuania was the last pagan nation of Europe)
-After that, became a commonwealth with Poland and peacefully converted to Christianity.
-But was taken over by Russia after a fight over the annexation/partition of Poland.
-A good-natured person who likes to take care of people, and even though he has the Baltic attribute of being introverted, is the type who will take one into his heart when he gets used to that person.
-But, perhaps it is because of this sort of personality that he holds the infamous record of having the highest suicide rate of the world.
-Loves martial arts and literature. Also, his car is definitely a second-hand car. Is particular about taste, and is known to use many flavours of ketchup and mayonnaise in a day.
Ahh, sweet little Liet! Lithuania is a people-pleaser, and seemingly a bit of a doormat due to his unfortunate history with Russia. But Lithuania is quite a strong, loyal fellow! (And such a sweetie, ohmygod ;_;)
The translation above belongs to the Hetalia LiveJournal community, which is like Candyland to me. Visit it! http://community.livejournal.com/hetalia/

Hikki News

Remember one of Hikki's post in her Blog about making a 2nd English Album...

Well, Hikki has assembled Top Producers for her 2nd English Album.

And her lead Single can be heard in MySpace

Click here for more Info and the links for her Lead Single

Thats it for now

Btw, Thanks to pixeldreamz For the Info


Maraming Salamat sa mga bumati ngayong araw na ito.

And Happy Birthday to loveje

Also to Hikki...

well, thats it for now.

A short post

Happy New Year to all.....

May this year be fruitful to all.....

now...... iSleep.

Good Night~!

Kotoba ni Naranai

Iroiro aru mainichi no naka demo
Konna kimochi wa hajimete na no

Ano hi no minami no shima ni
Shizumu yuuyake mitai ni
Kyou no MANIKYUA no iro mitai na kibun

Kotoba ni naranai kimochi
Itsuka tsutaetai
Kotoba ni naranai kimochi
Itsuka tsutaetai

Jan Ken
Itsumo wa nan demo nai you na koto no
Hitotsu hitotsu ga DORAMA ni naru

Ashimoto de mawaru chikyuu ga
Sukoshi katamuita you na ki ga shite
Omoidasenai no ni
Wasuretakunai yume wo miteru

Kotoba ni naranai kimochi
Itsuka tsutaetai
Kotoba ni naranai kimochi
Itsuka tsutaetai


Being impressed
Bitter pain
Even with all the variety I have everyday
This feeling is a first

It's like the sinking sunset
On the southern island from that day
A mood like the color of today's nail polish

Feelings I can't put into words
I want to express them someday
Feelings I can't put into words
I want to express them someday

Good morning
Things that always seem like nothing
One by one become dramatic

The earth which spins beneath my feet
Might be a bit tilted, I think
Though I can't remember it
I have dreams I don't want to forget

Feelings I can't put into words
I want to express them someday
Feelings I can't put into words
I want to express them someday


I am sharing this song because this is what I feel today.

btw, its a song from Hikki

The translation is from this site

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