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Previous Mumble

Its been a while since I posted here on LJ. (Wow, 3 years....)

Anyway, many things happen on me ever since the Last post here (which is the Aftermath of Typhoon Ketsana (Typhoon Ondoy here in the Phil.)) 

TLDR, (in no particular order) 
  • Still, no Significant other since birth (although I was about to make my move when I found out she's in a relationship)
  • Worked in the BPO industry for more or less 8 months and experience the life of a Customer Service Representative for a Mobile service provider in a country in N. America
  • Saved up money and got my own Laptop (YAY~!) and PSP (its gone. Its stolen from me by some stranger)
  • Helped organized the Philippines' biggest and must see cosplay eccentric event.
  • My home in Pasig/Cainta got flooded again thanks to the monsoon rains and my Utada Hikaru CD/DVD Collection got drenched in flood water.
  • got to travel outside of Luzon via a plane ride (which is a first to me)
  • new friends inside and outside the cosplay community
  • made few enemies (although I tried not to make one)
  • Officialy Cosplayed once (Kain Fuery of Full Metal Alchemist Series)
  • And, (the biggest life changer that I did) musterd up a lot of courage to tell the truth about the biggest lie I ever made to my parents (and I am willing to spill it all to anyone who wishes to know)
With all of these experiences and more, What's in it for the future?

Thinking about it, I really have specific goal in the future other than taking a short course in any school next year, getting a new job and be independent from my parents. Hey, I'm turning 29 in few months and I am still living in my parent's house and I dont have a decent job. In terms of having a romantic episode in my life, I guess I can still wait for it. 

Also, as you can see, I'm not active anymore in LJ since my life is reflected in Plurk (To those who dont know about it, Its like Twitter but its more organize in terms of the post and replies) You can visit my plurk page here. Alternatively, All of my plurk posts are crossposted in twitter

as always, That's it. For now.