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While enjoying a cup of Instant Mint Mocha (Courtesy of my dad), something struck on my mind. Looking Back at my old Journal entries, I haven't posted my wish list or anything that I would want to have before ending this year or for the next year or even before/after the Yuletide season/birthday ends. Also to think that my parents give me clothes every year during Christmas and My birthday (Actually, just yesterday, My mom gave me a Black Long sleeves Polo.) And I am sick and tired of getting the same things every year (Although I am grateful to have something from my parents.)

Now, I present my simple and short wish list for this yuletide season and for my Birthday.

1. New Flashcart and higher capacity MicroSD. (Its about time that I must upgrade it from the Old R4 Flashcart and a 2 GB MicroSD to a new one because I use my DS as my MP3 player in my travels)
2. A good set of Headphones. (My current earphones aren't that bad but I would like to enjoy my MP3s without the annoying noise in the streets when I travel.)
3. A compatible Video Card and LCD Monitor for the PC here in Pasig. (Its a long term dream and a minor one. I dont really need it but its good to have one *coughcoughdiablocoughthreecoughcough*)

And thats it for my wish list. I will add more and change more if time permits me

Thats it for now.

Note: 1st blog post using the Semagic program. :D

a quick post

Happy Birthday to my sister, Maria Chavala Guzman~!


Some things in my mind.......

Well it been weeks since I updated my blog (Thanks to Plurk btw, if you have a plurk account, add me up @ www.plurk.com/user/hitokiri_recca and send me an email at hitokirirecca[at]gmail[dot]com to introduce yourself. I'm not accepting plurkers who I don't know. Also, if you're planning to make an account, be warned, its addictive)

Okay... first off, Its been a hectic month because of back to back events. First off, the recently concluded AniCon 2008. It was really fun to be there and volunteer for the event. (Thanks to menismastah for giving me the opportunity). I helped them in terms of its cosplay competition also to give support to the newly created band of menismastah , xtraryce , ericvids , kirby_agudelo and sonnaqs named "Moonspeak".

Then, this comming Sunday is Cosplay Mania @ SM Megatrade Hall 3 in which I will be a Marshall for the event. Also this coming Saturday is the PPF Party (Cant wait to see the New DTX simfiles and the Vid of the PPF Swimming Party) @ Crisanta Towers. Then on the week after is Ongaku RE:mix @ El Pueblo.

Anyway, a few hours ago, during my house cleaning here in Pasig (and up to this point, I haven't clean the Kitchens and the CR.) and constant peek at the PC for plurk (see, I am already addicted to Plurk) and torrent updates, I came across some Multiply Blog/Picture updates (Again, if you have multiply accounts add me up at hitokirirecca[at}multiply[dot]com.). Since I'm checking some updates, I decided to visit my sister and brother's multiply accounts. It made me a little sentimental because of the pics of us siblings and some post of my little brother's blog. It made me realize that the time we spent to each other and with our parents should be kept in my heart and will remmember them through the rest of my life.

As a final note, I would like to thank them for everything they have given to me.

Also, I would like to greet Pao Cruz (formerly known to lj as sindapa) aka   77ws  A Happy Birthday.

Well, thats it for now and I SHOULD finish my housework.


I would like to share this Moe Pic of Utada Hikaru.
View it here.Collapse )

well..thats it for now........

Meme again....

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Things on my mind: LSS...

2nd post and apparently my unexpected post.

For the past few days, I can't get this songs out of my head although I enjoy listening to it.

Actually during the time that the laptop is still what I am using, I came across this Group named "JAM Project". I already heard them before by[info]sakuramomusu while we were watching Garo. So I decieded to tried it out and research about the group and was very impressed by the group members as well as their discography and the solo works of the individual members. So,  I download the some songs. Also, I watched their live performances through youtube.

From a simple curiocity about the group, it turns to a somewhat a fan of their group to the point I watch some of their concerts here in the PC and enjoying their super lively performances and one of them is somewhat their tradition during the encore which is the song "Skill" that was used as the OP/ED theme of 2nd Super Robot Wars Alpha.

Here is a wiki entry about the Super Group JAM Project

Well.... thats it for now.

Performance Tests Results

Okay, Its been almost a week since I got this PC.

I Install Windows XP (but I am open in installing Vista Ultimate ONLY).

Also I install some Video and Audio Codecs and Viewed/Listen some files.

For Audio, Its pretty good although its only 2 channel speakers.

For Video, I tried first some Low quality AVI files and it runs smoothly. Next is some low quality MKV files and just like the 1st one it runs smoothly. Next is some high quality MKV File (which it has a resolution of 1440x1080) and I was impressed because it runs smoothly. Next was also a MKV file but this time, its a Blu-Ray Ripped that is 720p. I was skeptical about not doing a good job because xtraryce once tried it in his old PC and encountered lagging problems during playback. Going back, I tried it and was really amazed because it runs smoothly at the same time the picture was really crisp. Take note that I am using only a Generic CRT monitor and can only handle 1024x768 resolution. Now I am waiting to finish downloading another Video that is Blu-ray ripped.

Finally, I tried one PC which it has a high requrements. I Installed Assassin's Creed in this baby. The result, It passed All Minimal requirements but during gameplay, it was slow and laggy. 

I conclude that this CPU is for video playback and Photo-manipulation purposes

Well that's it for now.

Edit: I discontinued the other video because it takes too long to download.</lj>

I have returned.

Yes, I have returned with much contentment for now.

Because last Friday, I went to a PC Repair shop to fix the old CPU from Pasig. I told them the problem and they recommended to me that I should Buy a new one.

So I ask my mom (because she'll be paying it. heeheehee) and got the green light.

So here's the specifications.

- Intel Core2 Duo 2.4GHz
- Asus P5N-MX Mother Board
- 640GB Western Digital SATA Hard Drive.
- Samsung DVD Writer
- a new CPU Chasis with an additional 4 USB slots and Input/Output audio jacks.

Now, I am Almost done with the instalation of the programs and some performance tests.

Also I need to buy some VGA to RCA cables. I want to try this System with our TV with a 5.1 component. heeheeheeheeheeheehee

Well, thats it for now. heeheehee


its been 3 days since the laptop was retuned to my sister.

What have I been doing during those days. Here are the few things.

- body clock went to normal to fu*ked up. Imagine, sleep at 3pm and wake up at 1am.
- Household Chores. (Cleaning the house in other words.)
- rewatching some Anime/PV's from my collection or Listening to JMusic using the cheap DVD/AVI player. (not to mention a super LOL remote control.)
- if not watching anything, I'm playing Final Fantasy X-2 Undubbed version (which I'm on Chapter 2) or playing Rhythm Tengoku or Trauma Center Under the Knife 2 on DS.
- if not doing the last 2, Either watching some show at the Asian Food Channel or Animax or Discovery Channel/National Geographic Channel.
- During Mornings, I am watching Umagang Kay Ganda(aka RSS. Just Look on the show's Logo. Its just like the RSS Icon) on ABS-CBN while eating breakfast with a cup of brewed Coffee.
- Painted the new trashcan with green. (Dad asked me to)

well... thats it.

Oh yeah.. Later I am going to Glorrieta to take a peek on PC's for sale there and maybe a cup of coffee there.

Edit: Got the message from my mom and asking to do some PC related things in Tayuman. But will Try to go to Glorrieta later. But will go on sunday with dad. I think were going to buy a new PC although its a set. T_T.

Thats it for now.

a very short post

I will not be online for a few days because the laptop will be returning to its master.

and for sure, my karma points in plurk will go below 60....

so... thats it for now.....